Women's AFL
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Women’s AFL is quickly gaining popularity. Join 380,000 females who enjoy playing AFL.


Play for the North Cairns Tigers and get free 24/7 access to a fully equipped gym—saving you hundreds of dollars on gym fees.


North Cairns Tigers club has been a proud supporter of the AFL women’s league since 2003. The women’s season runs from November to April each year. We also offer a representative programme.


With a 5-in-a-row straight premierships wins and several Queensland and all Australian representatives, you’ll be joining a club with a strong winning streak. You will also get access to a professional physiotherapist on duty during training and game day.


Register your interest today to play for the North Cairns Tigers today. Email admin@northcairnstigers.com.au for more information; juniors can get in touch at juniors@northcairnstigers.com.au.

North Cairns Women’s AFL Fixtures

North Cairns Women’s AFL Coaching Team

North Cairns Women’s AFL Results